Welcome to the Hot Rodder Journal! This page tells our story. It tells you our readers what the Hot Rodder Journal is about and what you can expect to see in the issues to come.

The Hot Rodder Journal is a monthly Digital Magazine that is dedicated to the lifestyle of Hot Rodders, their friends, their families and of course their Hot Rods. The Journal is produced by a team of photographers and writers from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK who are constantly covering Hot Rod events to give our readers the best coverage of the Hot Rod Lifestyle from anywhere around the US and the world.

The Hot Rodder Journal is about the car guys and gals from around the world, their cars and lifestyle. What do we mean lifestyle? Well simply put it is a collaboration of you the people, the events, the cars, places and the deep rich history. There is so much more to the Hot Rod lifestyle than just fancy cars at big car shows. It is about you and what being part of the car world means to you. You and others like you have made cars part of your and your families everyday lives. It is about this lifestyle that you share, the products you buy, the cars you build and most importantly the stories and memories you share.

Gear Heads, Hot Rodders and the cars they love have no age limit. The love and appreciation of cars (whether itís their own or others) and the desire to have fun with your cars is what ties these people of different ages together. Your cars range from traditional street rods to state of the art pro touring cars. They include rat rods and your Friday night cruisers.

We cover the cars and shows, but our focus is you! The Hot Rodders, the car guys and gals and the gear heads are just as important if not more important. You make the car world go round. Without you the Hot Rodder Journal would not be a possibility.

For every Good Guys, NHRA and other National event on any given weekend there are thousands of smaller shows, events, and races happening in your communities. The car guys and gals at these local events are just as serious and have worked just as hard on their cars. These are the grass roots of the entire Hot Rodding Industry. This is who want to showcase. This is what the Hot Rodder Journal is all about.

Welcome to The Hot Rodder Journal !